Which Social media do I need ?

Which social media do I need ? 

So you have discovered that you want a presence on social media for your business or you have one but are not sure which one is best suited.

However which social media do you need and why is it the next question you need to answer.

Because we market to our customers in a customer centered generation and this is why we want a social media presence. As that’s were our customers are so we need to be there.

If you have mapped out your customer journey you will know what your customers need want and demand from you. This allows you to resonate, engage and proposition and drive your business beyond what you ever thought was possible because you listened to your customers.

In your research of your customer you will know what social media will work best for you as what you will get are personas of clients for example male or female, age, likes, dislikes, disposable income etc.

It also involves your product and how you present it for example if you bake cakes:

A visual social media will work well for you such as Instagram or Pinterest.

If you are explaining how you bake a cake it may be a good idea to use facebook.

If it’s a video you may use youtube.

Although a strategy using all or a mix of the above will also work while remembering were your customers are.

Below are some details on the top social media sites which will help you answer the question which social media you need to be in.


  • Primary Audience – All
  • Good For Sharing text, photos, videos, links
  • Best for sharing engaging content reaching a large audience
  • 31 Billion monthly active mobile users
  • 1 million links every 20 minutes
  • 475 Billion pieces shared Daily
  • 5 billion active monthly users
  • Demographics 65% over 35 and 60% are female


  • 79% more chance of purchase
  • Contains advanced ad targeting capabilities for massive audiences
  • Valuable anylitical insights
  • “74% of all marketers say Facebook is important to their lead generation strategies.”


  • Low organic reach (Pay to Play)
  • Hard to stand out

Success tips for facebook

  • Give it an image for 93% of the most engaging posts.
  • Keep your posts under 250 characters.
  • Use emoticons can get your post liked 57% more than those without.
  • Most engagement occurs towards the end of the week from Wednesday to Friday.
  • Posting between 9am and 7pm is acceptable.
  • Question posts “get 100% more comments than standard text-based posts.”
  • 35% of users participate in contests, 42% like a page in order to get a discount or coupon.



Twitter is a 140-word character micro-blogging site

271 million active users million registered users out of 650 post text, links images and vines (5 second videos)

Demographics 18-20 yrs and increasingly female


  • Strong customer service tool
  • Strong analytics
  • Good for sharing news text updates sharing links to information
  • Good for sharing original and curated content
  • Great for converting


  • Expensive limited ad platform
  • short lifespan of posts
  • 58 million tweets per day causing a lot of noise to get through

Some tweeting tweet tips

  • Make sure your tweets are relevant and urgent.
  • Show your personality position yourself as a service.
  • Tweet multiple times per day
  • Use a tool like Buffer to schedule tweets throughout the day.
  • Image links can get twice the engagement
  • 86% of tweets with links will get retweeted.
  • Make sure links come from mobile friendly sites.
  • Use hashtags to gain  more engagement.
  • Keep tweets under 100 characters.
  • Tweet later in the day while people are commuting.



Primarily a mobile app but can be used on laptop or PC

300 million who share pitures and short videos

heavy use of # tags

Demographics 55% of users are in the 18- 29 age higher rate of females.


  • High organic reach
  • Facebook owns high level of trust


  • Limited analytics use followgram
  • Advertising capabilities not fully realised


Some instant tips for Instagram:

  • Keep your audience in mind
  • Take images that best represent your brand.
  • Your photos don’t have to always be professional, that defeats the real-connection
  • Keep your @ and # symbols.
  • Best times to post are between 3-5pm during weekdays and on the weekend.



Online collaging resource for sharing inspiration and book marking links

Predominantly Women, Foodies, Crafters,

Demographics 79% female


  • Strong receptive audience with buying power.
  • Generates 400% revenue per click then twitter and 27% more than facebook.
  • great for sharing products, How to tips and ebooks.


  • Not effective for brands with limited web presence or ecommerce
  • Heavily female

Some pin point pinterest Tips

  • Know your audience
  • Pin to win omppetitions
  • Check out pinterest goodies
  • Make your website pinable
  • Check Pinterest Analytics regularly
  • Pinterest has a lot of helpfull tools
  • Set up a pinterest business account




Network of 300 million users exists for company information, updates and recruiting

Demographics white collar professionals


Best used to establish your brand as industry leader/authority

Sharing news, product information, testimonials and thought leadership


Unlikely to drive sales unless B2B


Some busy linkedin tips

  • Complete Your Profile
  • Connect With Everyone
  • Customize Your Websites
  • Be Compelling end
  • Recommend others
  • Join targeted groups
  • Connect with twitter
  • Add your company profile
  • Customize Your Websites
  • Add advanced applications




Mobile app for sharing pictures between friends 100 milion users and rapidly growing

Demographics 71% under 25 years old.


  • find your customers where they live


  • Resourse intensive
  • Creativity required

Some snappy tips for snap chat

Activate cool features in your settings.

Use special text

Draw with secret colours

Add fun filters

Front facing flash

So in conclusion what do you think are you still confused are going to try them all or some of them. Now I know I didn’t use all the social media sites that you can choose from but I did choose the ones most popularly used.


 would you like some help before you invest your time and money.

If so contact our digital experts

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