eCommerce is a business necessity for B2C, especially retail. In Ireland, 90% of adult shoppers bought online last year, yet only 9% of businesses have an eComerce enabled website. SERIOUSLY!! It is estimated that €700,000 an hour is spent online and this amount is growing rapidly. There is no question that business success demands eCommerce enabled sites which is why we build them.

And yet, there is a mis-perception that eCommerce is easy, that it always works and that the huge and growing appetite for eCommerce will deliver rewards for everyone that uses it. This is far from the truth.

eCommerce is complex and requires excellent logistics to be successful. Unless you get the organisation and positioning right, an eCommerce business can fail due to supply issues, just as much as it can because of demand issues.

If you are planning to use eCommerce as part of your business strategy, please let us know and we will explain how we can help you.