Community Building

Community building is about gathering people with common interests in what you are doing, but in structured ways. It’s much more than your data resource, its people who are much more than just customers, they share your business journey and influence your offerings and performance. It’s a two way relationship.

Communities can often appear large to the inexperienced, in some companies these communities are tens of millions of people. This is unstable if the community is unstructured, unsegmented and amorphous.

You see, communities cannot be sustained this way, people like edges, borders, context, especially psychological ones. It gives then reference points without which communities break up. In short, if you don’t give structure and segmentation, your communities will do it for you, often in disruptive and inefficient ways. Simply, the power horizontal overcomes the power vertical, making hierarchies of interest which can become highly damaging.

We can help with your community management practices. Let us know your query and we will explain how we can help.