Seo to Sales

Slide5 (2)Regardless of the size of your business if you are an international with 10,000 employees or a back bedroom entrepreneur full of enthusiasm your seo needs to be up to scratch.

If your Seo is flawed you are losing sales.

So let’s break it down the core idea of Seo is the way your website is found on the internet organically. That is without using SEM to drive traffic to your site.

Ok so if search engines cannot find you then you are losing traffic to your site hence you are losing sales.

 “But my website designer said it was done”

If your designer is happy that s/he done a good job s/he won’t have a problem with having his/her work verified and you get peace of mind that your website is working optimally.

At a bright business our Seo experts carry many Audits on the Seo of the website with surprising results on very large companies.

By using our Seo services you receive a forensic Seo audit is carried out on the following but not limited to the following areas :

  • Going through every line of code to find flaws.
  • All of your titles are accurate
  • Meta Tags
  • Keyword analysis
  • URL Structure
  • Content
  • Text Format
  • Links
  • Speed
  • Functionality
  • Mobile ability
  • Website Structure

Get in touch and ask one of our seo consultants getting your website audit today and get the sales you are missing.

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